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Question: Why is Vitamin E so important in a progesterone cream? Posted on 17 Feb 06:35

Answer: When progesterone is dissolved in Vitamin E, it absorbs much faster into your body. Switching to my Vitamin E based cream from a micronized form will show a stronger effect.

The second ingredient in my creams, after water, is Natural Vitamin E. These creams are Vitamin E based instead of oil based. The Vitamin E acts as a carrier for progesterone, bringing the progesterone deep into your tissues quickly.

Vitamin ECosmetics containing Vitamin E have long been used for both aesthetic and practical reasons, including the healing of scars or stretch marks. Vitamin E is used in a wide variety of skin care products due to the fact that it easily passes through the skin and accelerates the growth of cells. Vitamin E creams also have many practical health applications, and are beneficial to the hair, skin, and blood.

Vitamin E can prevent new injuries from leaving scars as they heal, and also allows the skin to retain a youthful appearance. By acting deep within the skin, it promotes collagen growth, increasing the skin's firmness and smoothing out wrinkles. It also can be used to fade spots on the skin caused by sun exposure. 

Vitamin E is best applied overnight so it can best effect skin cells and allow them to regenerate. It should be used along with regular, proper skin care and hygiene.

The cuticles of the fingernails as well as the nails themselves can benefit from the moisturizing properties of Vitamin E, which will prevent cracks and dryness, as well as any possible infections from hangnails. The cream can also be used to increase the durability of nails, especially if longer nails are desired.

Lastly, Vitamin E can be used to treat sunburns and prevent peeling that occurs while they heal, if used daily.

How long does it take a package to get to my country? Posted on 17 Feb 06:34

Thanks to my distributor in Australia shipping is local and New Zealand almost so.

Question: What is progesterone? Posted on 17 Feb 06:34

Answer: Progesterone is one of the main hormones produced by the female body, and is very important during pregnancy. However, that’s not the only time when it is important or beneficial. It is found in large amounts in the brain, and in the thymus gland, which manages stress. Progesterone also blocks the effects of cortisol, a potentially harmful hormone produced during stress. Cortisol can cause osteoporosis, aging of the skin, damage to brain cells, and the accumulation of fat, especially on the back and abdomen.

Progesterone helps improve many organ systems. It strengthens the bones and makes the heart and veins more efficient. It improves memory and reduces anxiety. Additionally, progesterone can reduce the symptoms of many medical conditions, including epilepsy, emphysema, arthritis, and immunological conditions. It can even be used to reverse aging.

Progesterone is best utilized by the body when dissolved in vitamin E, which enables it to quickly spread to major tissues and organs, and allows it to quickly be absorbed through the lips, gums, or tongue. When progesterone is taken with foods and processed as part of digestion, its absorption happens at a much slower rate.

Although progesterone is produced in much greater amounts by women than men, men can sometimes benefit from it--it is even more important to the body than testosterone. As the complement of estrogen, progesterone is commonly used to combat the symptoms of menopause, and should be taken by women who have had their ovaries removed. A lack of progesterone does not only result in more severe menopausal systems, but can lead to the disruption of organ systems, and some types of cancer--which it can be used to prevent.

Question: Is the progesterone in your cream synthetic or natural? Posted on 17 Feb 06:34

Answer: All progesterone on the market is synthetic, derived from wild yam. But it is identical to the natural progesterone in our own bodies.

Synthetic progesterone is not to be confused with the fake progesterone look-alikes called progestins. Even on Wikipedia, there is some confusion. Because natural progesterone cuts into the market for the dangerous fake progesterones marketed by pharmaceutical companies valid information can be hard to come by. Nobody is getting rich off of natural progesterone.

Question: What is micronized progesterone? Posted on 17 Feb 06:34

Answer: Micronized progesterone is a very fine powder of progesterone crystals, which are too fine to notice on the skin. The other form of progesterone is progesterone dissolved in Vitamin E, which only a few brands sell. It is believed to greatly help absorption. Applying a micronized progesterone will smear this ultra-fine powder evenly over your skin, but because the crystals are made up of big clumps of progesterone molecules, they don't absorb quickly as they molecules must first split off of these crystals. But when you apply progesterone dissolved in Vitamin E to your skin, the molecules are ready to be absorbed.

Where should I apply your progesterone cream? Posted on 17 Feb 06:33

1. At first do not apply to face, neck or any sensitive parts of the body until you make sure you to do react to the cream.

 2. Apply cream where there is little or no hair. For most women this is legs, arms and back.

 3. It is better to apply the cream in many areas over time than to apply to only one area.

What are the possible side effects of progesterone? Posted on 17 Feb 06:33

1. It's a diuretic and so you might go to the bathroom more.

2. You might get tired after applying it which can help you get to sleep in the evening.

3. It could stop your period if using a lot but your body will likely get used to it and the periods will resume.

Why the cancer warning on your labels? Posted on 17 Feb 06:06

We are required to put a cancer warning on our bottles because of legislation in California. Natural progesterone is not known to cause cancer and may even stop cacancer. But many synthetic forms of progesterone have been created which do cause cancer. Unfortunately natural progesterone has been grouped into the same class as the synthetic progestins.

Because natural progesterone has so many great benefits, drug companies would like to own it. But a natural product can not be owned. So they created synthetic progesterones which they could own and then advertise. These synthetic forms are then pushed on doctors with a lot of advertising money. Doctors have almost forgotten there is a natural progesterone.There is no interest group with lots of money to defend natural progesterone against being grouped with the fake dangerous versions. Drug companies would like everyone, especially doctors, to forget the natural progesterone is out there.