Pricing and Charges

General Pricing Information:

Ona’s Natural Progesterone, LLC strives to maintain a fair pricing structure.  Product prices on each of Ona’s Natural Progesterone sites are based on USA store pricing in dollars.

Any product pricing increase both now and in the future is only as is necessary to continue to provide the excellence of our products in a consistent fashion to the consumer.

International pricing and purchases:

Each international site representing Ona’s Natural Progesterone has a platform that charges all products in dollars as the base price within the setup of the individual webpage.   With this requirement, the amount that you are charged on your credit card may appear different than what is listed as the local currency price on the site.  This anomaly at checkout is due to currency values and/or other bank charges you may incur purchasing any product sold in dollars.  The dollar pricing remains consistent.

Prices shown in the currency of the country that the site is representing are subject to change based on the daily currency exchange rates, and is no reflection of any direct price changes from Ona’s Natural Progesterone.

With the world currencies fluctuating daily, the recent addition of Brexit, and purchases with currencies outside of the US dollar, customer pricing may appear different from day to day on the checkout page or method of payment statement.  Each product price is of equal value with its product and shipping cost as the main, base website as well as the Dollar price listing on the individual website.

Any dramatic increase in pricing experienced by the customer is the result of world currency fluctuations and/or other outside processing fees and is not representative of charges from Ona’s Natural Progesterone LLC.

Foreign purchases may also incur foreign exchange fees added by the banking institution and the regulations of the payment method used during each transaction, and are not part of any charges that Ona’s Natural Progesterone is levying against the purchase.




Transactions made by methods in foreign currencies will be charged in U.S. dollars and will appear on your monthly statement. The currency conversion rate used on the processing day may differ from the purchase date or posting date rate. Ona’s Natural Progesterone LLC has no control over the rate of exchange or how an international transaction will post. We suggest visiting to get a general idea of currency exchange rates on the date of purchase.