Vitamin E Based

The second most important ingredient in my cream is Natural Vitamin E, derived from sunflower oil. The Vitamin E acts as a carrier for progesterone, bringing the progesterone deep into your tissues quickly.

Not all Vitamin E is good for you or does what it should. Watch out for synthetic forms of Vitamin E in creams. Unlike the natural forms, synthetics do not have the natural healthy isomers that natural Vitamin E has.

Is the Vitamin E from Soy? Over 98% of all soy in the United States is genetic modified. This means it contains proteins that may be even worse for you than the ones that cause allergies. Many people are allergic to soy which winds up being in your skin creams because that's where the less expensive natural Vitamin E comes from.

Vitamin E
Cosmetics containing Vitamin E have long been used for both aesthetic and practical reasons, including the healing of scars or stretch marks. Vitamin E is used in a wide variety of skin care products due to the fact that it easily passes through the skin and accelerates the growth of cells. Vitamin E creams also have many practical health applications, and are beneficial to the hair, skin, and blood.

Vitamin E can prevent new injuries from leaving scars as they heal, and also allows the skin to retain a youthful appearance. By acting deep within the skin, it promotes collagen growth, increasing the skin's firmness and smoothing out wrinkles. It also can be used to fade spots on the skin caused by sun exposure. 

Vitamin E is best applied overnight so it can best effect skin cells and allow them to regenerate. It should be used along with regular, proper skin care and hygiene.

The cuticles of the fingernails as well as the nails themselves can benefit from the moisturizing properties of Vitamin E, which will prevent cracks and dryness, as well as any possible infections from hangnails. The cream can also be used to increase the durability of nails, especially if longer nails are desired.

Lastly, Vitamin E can be used to treat sunburns and prevent peeling that occurs while they heal, if used daily.