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Last updated 2016-02-02

This is a non-pharmaceutical website owned and operated by Onas Natural Progesterone Cream selling our own brand of progesterone skin creams in a variety of sizes and concentration. Our products are manufactured and bottled in California USA.

Our mission is to provide progesterone in the form of skin creams at an affordable cost. We primarily serve those who use a lot of progesterone on a monthly basis and are on a budget. Regular customers will have a fixed discount percentage.

We are timely about answering emails and phone calls about the products sold on the site. Onas Natural does not prescribe or diagnose medical problems but are happy provide ideas, approaches and experiences of other customers using our cream.

Only adults should buy and use our products as young people are still developing hormonally. This cream is to be used by responsible informed adults only.

Any information provided by customers in any form such as by phone, email or on the site are confidential and will only be used for internal purposes. Packages and financial statements will never have the word progesterone on them to protect privacy. Customer will not be spammed and can opt out of any promotions from Onas Natural. Customer personal information will be kept confidential when talking with customers. Your reviews may be added to other sites selling our brand of cream but email and personal details will never be shown.

It is our policy to give a full refund to customers not satisfied along with return packagings and postage to return their products. Customers will not be stuck with a product they won't, can not use or do not find effective.

Ona Green uses this cream in large amounts on a regular basis without a problems but this may not be true for everyone. Use our cream at your own risk. Users of our cream are expected to try a little cream first before using a lot of it to check for allergic reactions. We are not responsible for any Negligent use of our cream. A few users of the cream might find the preservative or other ingredient a problem and it those cases we are happy to give a full refund and accept a return.

For Australian purchases - This is a product of California, and is dispached from here.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Therapeutics Goods Administration and these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please seek medical advice as this is not intended to provide you as a consumer with any sort of medical advice or opinion. Naturally Replenish is merely a stockist of these goods and is not responsible for any contamination or problems that arise from the use of the items sold through them.